Introducing Galan Siki Cota Chihuahua!

For several years now, I have been ‘collaborating’ with my Baja California born and bred Chihuahua. His name is Galan Siki Cota. We have now written 233 stories together, basically about life through the eyes of a Chihuahua. (As all of the stories are from his perspective, I am ‘Dad’.) Here is his latest story:

SikiTales #233 — The Truth About Dad’s Mexican Election Vote

Hello again!
As we all know that Dad is a bit of a ‘spinmeister’, I thought that I should give you the SikiTruth about what really happened at the voting booth last Sunday for the 2018 Mexican Presidential Election. By now, the entire world knows that it was won by Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.
Of course, Dad ‘crowed’ all over the internet that he was one of the minority that tried to keep Lopez Obrador from winning the presidency as he voted for the PAN Party’s Anaya. But let me give you the SikiTruth version of the events as they took place that momentous day for Mexico.
The truth is that Dad was torn between voting for Anaya and Lopez Obrador. Not only was Andres way ahead in the polls, but he had also done a decent job of running Mexico City during his tenure there. Dad thought that was impressive as this is one of the largest cities in the world.
When we arrived at the polling place, the officials looked up a copy of Dad’s picture in a huge book. It matched his national identification card and so they gave Dad three sheets of paper called ballots. One was for a diputado (representative). Another was for the governor’s race. The third was for the next president of Mexico. We then went into the booth and he set me and the ballots down on the table.
When Dad asked me who I liked for president, I put my paw down on the spot for Anaya’s PAN Party. Dad still ignored my suggestion and his marker headed for Lopez Obrador’s Morena Party. I quickly hopped on the ballot and covered Morena’s entire area and then growled at Dad.
Next, when he tried to lift me up from the ballot, I growled again and told him in no uncertain terms that I would use SikiLube I (pee) on the entire ballot and ruin it. So, he then left me on top of that important sheet of paper.
Finally, I took my paws and framed the PAN Party spot between them. Dad finally laughed and said that he gave up. He marked an X through the PAN Party box and the important part of the voting was over. Dad then went ahead and marked the PAN boxes for the governor and diputado ballots.
So, now everyone knows the SikiTruth about what went down in the privacy of that polling both. There is no fake news when reporter Sikiboy is on the prowl!
I do have to wonder though if this is the first time that a vote was influenced by a lowly Chihuahua? What do you think?
Until next time!
Galan Siki Cota



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