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An Open Letter To Bill Gates

June 25, 2013
On LinkedIn today, I started following the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. When I moseyed over to their page, I watched Bill’s video — encouraging people with ideas on how to change the world and make it a better place, to send the ideas to him. He is in the middle of writing his annual letter and would include some of those ideas in his latest one.
My first idea is related to water. We need to develop as many products as possible that are ‘waterless’ — meaning that they can be used without having to add water in the process of cleaning, etc. Our goal should be able to clean an entire house, business, vehicles or even our bodies — without having to waste precious water in the process. Having lived in the United States and Mexico for all of my life, I have seen countless gallons of water wasted — meaning that the water cannot be reclaimed in such a way as to be reused. The challenge over the next ten years is not just to provide potable water to those who do not currently have it around the world — but also to ‘zero out’ wasting precious water in countries where its citizens have daily access.
My second idea is related to business opportunities. Did you know that most of the poor in the world are women? And did you know that there are over 100 million street children? In third world and developing countries, corporations have set up a program the virtually ‘enslaves’ a married couple.
It takes the couple working six days per week in order to barely make a ‘basic’ living — being able to pay for the rent or mortgage, utilities, cable, food, gasoline, etc. When the husband leaves the family — it often sends the family into poverty. Business opportunities have to be developed with the goal that a single parent can minimally provide all of their family’s living expenses for the month. Honestly, it is not a hard thing to do. I can think of 25 opportunities immediately that provide a sound solution to this terrible and growing problem.
My third idea is to make internet access absolutely free around the world. WiFi or WiMax should be readily available everywhere. While you are at it, give away the devices that connect to the World Wide Web. Why do both of these things? For two quick reasons — people that have financial resources will purchase more on the ‘net, so it is a good and sound business proposition. Secondly, there are some tremendous resources for free online education. We all know that educating people is a great way to help them break the chains of oppression and poverty.While I have tons of great ideas that would truly make a difference in the world, these three are a great place to start! By the way, keep up the great work that you are doing changing lives for the better around the world!

Anthony Cota

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