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Aunt Stephanie’s Chicken & Dumplings

April 17, 2013

Boil chicken, when done and cooled debone and shred

4 cans biscuits torn into twos or threes ( after torn I put them in flour and shake off excess flour)

As I’m waiting for the chicken to cool, I put 2 cups milk, 2 packages country style gravy in my pot with the chicken stock. At this time you can add carrots and celery and 1 chopped onion if you with to have the veggies. The juice will start to thicken a bit. Now is when I start to add my biscuits (I add half of the biscuits that I’ll be using, let them firm up and then add the rest of biscuits). When all the biscuits seem firm enough I add the chicken. I do not stir my dumplings, I just lightly pat them down into the juice. If needed I will ad some chicken broth or water but not much as we like a some what gravy texture. My family normally finishes a pot of these off in one day. I also have to call my daughters friend when I make these or she’ll get upset, she absolutely loves the way I make them. Enjoy!!

Stephanie Engleman England



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